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DVCompute++ Simulator

DVCompute++ Simulator (registration number 2021660726 of Rospatent) is a general purpose discrete event simulator written in C++. The simulator supports sequential, nested and distributed simulation. It is highly portable, for the simulator core depends on nothing but the standard C++ library and optionally MPI.


Here you can find a small DVCompute++ Simulator Tutorial (PDF) that describes basic ideas of DVCompute++ Simulator.


After you agree with the following License Agreement, you can download the sources of DVCompute++ Simulator as well as its components by using the links provided below. The license governs the use of DVCompute++ Simulator in academic and educational environments. Commercial use requires a commercial license from the author, i.e. me, David Sorokin.

DVCompute++ Simulator for C++, version 1.3.4

It contains no binary nor executable files. It contains sources only, which are sufficient for creating and running sequential and nested simulation models.

Optional “Library Code” for distributed simulation, version 1.3.4

Nevertheless, if you want to run distributed simulation models, by using the optimistic or conservative method, then you will need additional optional “Library Code” portions according the mentioned License Agreement.


Also please read the following recommendations for using DVCompute++ Simulator.