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Installing Aivika

The instructions below are given for the case when you use Stack.

Using Open Source Libraries Only

When using the open source Aivika libraries only, you can add the following dependencies to the extra-deps section in your stack.yaml file:

- aivika-5.8
- aivika-transformers-5.8
- aivika-distributed-1.4
- aivika-experiment-5.3
- aivika-experiment-chart-5.3
- aivika-experiment-diagrams-5.1
- aivika-experiment-cairo-5.1
- aivika-realtime-0.3
- aivika-branches-0.3
- aivika-lattice-0.6
- aivika-gpss-0.6.1

Now these libraries will be available in your Stack project.

Using Aivika Extension Pack

Aivika Extension Pack is a set of additional Aivika libraries which use is governed by the following License.

To include them in your Stack project, you should add the following locations to the packages section in your stack.yaml file like this:

- location:
  extra-dep: true
- location:
  extra-dep: true
- location:
  extra-dep: true
- location:
  extra-dep: true
- location:
  extra-dep: true
- '.'

Then you should define the corresponding dependencies in the extra-deps section of the same file:

- aivika-experiment-entity-0.5
- aivika-experiment-entity-HDBC-0.4
- aivika-experiment-provider-0.7
- aivika-experiment-provider-distributed-0.2
- aivika-experiment-report-0.5

Now you can use Aivika Extension Pack in your Stack project.

API Reference Documentation

After installing Aivika, you can build the API reference documentation:

$ stack haddock

Source Code

The source code is available on GitHub.

The following libraries have the open-source BSD3 license:

The next libraries are a part of Aivika Extension Pack with its own license: